Designs currently available in English with U.S. measurements.

Monday, December 10, 2007


LAGUNA is based on a classic circle skirt, however, with a new twist. Spirals twist and twirl for a fresh new look. Also included in the pattern is a handy pair of leggings. Don't overthink LAGUNA: The unusual pattern pieces belie how easy this skirt is to make. See design examples here.

LAGUNA is printed on two sheets and is therefore costs a bit more.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Patchwork Dress VIDA

VIDA has proven one of this year's most favorite designs in Europe. And what's not to love? The lovely A-line is broken into a pleasing patchwork, allowing for so many possibilities. Every VIDA is individual, just like the little girl who wears it! Designed by INUIT-Design for Farbenmix.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

QUIARA Tee and Hoodie

QUIARA is just about the most perfect tee shirt pattern, offering great fit and form and many possibilities. The shirt comes in two styles: A shorter, at-the-hip, more fitting style and a longer, looser over-the-hip style. The basic hood, as well as the long and cap sleeve pieces allow for endless variation. Trace once and use over and over and over again!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Radical Romantic Skirt VENICE

Assymetrical hemline skirt accented with optional layers of frills.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jumper Dress GESKE

A darling halter jumper with elastic fitting at the sides and an eye-catching optional asymmetrical hemline on the over skirt.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Raglan Shirt ZOË

A great all-rounder with excellent fit. The neck opening is styled a bit wide: The seamstress may choose to add a centimeter/5/8" at the neckline for a more traditional fit. Two shirt styles are included on the pattern sheet: A slightly tapered shirt for girls and a more straight fit for boys.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hannel Hoodie

This is an innovative design by Sanna Moser, Bunte Nadel. The pointed hood, scalloped hem and ready-for-active-play fit are what European design for children is all about.


Tuolumne Special Occasion Dress and Dress Coat
Tuolumne is a precious design comprised of an apron over dress and a classically cut under dress. The over dress may be worn in warmer weather as a halter dress. The under dress, when sewn a size larger, works well as a dress coat. Furthermore, the underdress may be sewn as a separates as a skirt and jacket. The sleeves, collar and gores each have scalloped, flowing edges, which may be used in many designs outside of Tuolumne.

Please note that Tuolumne is printed on two sheets, therefore is slightly more expensive.


Wave Flounce Trouser and Skirty Pants Lunada

Lunada is a great pattern for girls who like to show off. The flippy flares make this design stand out. The integrated peplum is an excellent choice for active girly-girls, who don't like to wear trousers and for tomboys, who refuse to wear a skirt.


Reversible Wrap Pants Zuma

How fun is Zuma?! Zuma is a wrap-around trouser with an elastic waistband for easy dressing. Zuma may be made with the wrap showing in the front, in the back or one side wrapping in the front and one side wrapping in the back. The large pieces offer a blank canvas for appliqué, painting, and all manner of embellishment. Left plain, the Zuma design is still quite the head-turner.


Wavy Flounce Shirt Hermosa

Hermosa may be sewn either as a faux wrap pullover top or as a true wrap-around shirt. The wavy hem and unique trumpet sleeves bring delight to the seamstress and joy to her little girl.


Spiral Flounce Twirl Skirt Redondo

This simple, yet fascinating design has quickly become a favorite of seamstresses and little girls around the globe.


Tunic and Trouser Set Weeke

Weeke is a very European style combining innovation in form and whimsy in design.


Skirt and Vest Set Emely

This versatile and trendy set offers so many possibilities. These pieces also have that perfect Farbenmix form and fit. This pattern sheet offers pattern pieces for different body types, for both slim-to-average and chubby girls.


Twirly Dress Sasha

Sasha's scalloped, gathered tiers make this design stand out among twirly dresses. The bodice is sweetly cut and fits so nicely.


Aproned Carpi Pants Ronja

Ronja is a lovely basic Capri pattern with a nice tapered flare. The apron pieces offer many creative possibilities.


2 Dress Pattern Set Olivia

Olivia is comprised of an easy-to-sew knit under dress with a fun knotted hood. Olivia also offers a very pretty overdress, which works well on its own over trousers. Please note that this pattern sheet has a considerable amount of overlapping.


Strip-work flared trousers Paula

Paula is a spectacular design with an excellent fit. Remember, because of the many vertical pieces, increasing or decreasing the seam allowance just a tiny bit will be magnified. Accurate cutting is recommended.


Jumper Dress Marieke

Marieke is a very versatile basic dress which invites creativity.


Ruffled Trousers Kim

Kim is an excellent trouser for slimmer girls. The ruffles and gathers turn this everyday item into a show stopper.


Girly-girl dress Henrika

When made from wovens, Henrika is a wonderful special occasion dress. Switching to knits makes Henrika a comfortable, girly everyday dress.


Great All-Rounder Trousers Dortje

The trousers Dortje offer so many possibilities and an excellent fit.


Special Ocasion Dress and Signature Farbenmix Design Cara

Cara may be made with both the bubble skirt under layer and the scalloped hem overdress, or either one. This dress is a recurrent favorite of seamstresses worldwide.


Wrap Dress Anna

Anna is constructed in a apron fashion, tying or buttoning in both the back and the front. The overlapping lends Anna a wonderful drape.